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Our Home and Business PC's are designed with our customers in mind.  We only use the latest technology to ensure maximum reliability, speed and ensure they are easy to upgrade or add more storage in the future if you require.  They come fully configured and ready to use straight out the box.  We even offer a home installation service, data transfer and a PC introduction if you require.

GTB Intel i5 PC

Color: Black
    • Intel Core i5 10400 2.9GHz 6 Core 12 Thread CPU
    • 2.9GHz, Turbo: 4.3GHz
    • MSI Pro Series Socket 1200 mATX Motherboard
    • Intel UHD 630 Graphics - HDMI - DVI 
    • 3200MHz Speed Ram
    • M2 SSD High Performance Storage
    • Audio, 8 x USB Ports, 1 GB Network Card 
    • PC Case - Sound Dampening Technology
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